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   The Mississippi Scholastic Chess Association is a K-12 scholastic affiliate of US Chess.  We run several tournaments throughout the year, including the statewide Grade Level Championships, MSCA Team Championships and MSCA Individual Championships. 

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Future Events     2024   

(Multiple Organizations)

June 17-21FULL Tennis / Pickleball / Chess CAMP  or  CHESS ONLY -- Ridgeland, MS 

June 24-27Dogmud Chess Camp -- Ridgeland, MS 

June 27:  Dogmud Thursday Chess Tournament (ALL AGES) -- Ridgeland, MS
June 8-12:  FULL Tennis/Pickleball/Chess CAMP  or  CHESS ONLY -- Ridgeland, MS  
July 132nd Annual J'Kennethon Memorial Individual and MIXED DOUBLES Chess Tournament (ALL AGES)  -- Pearl, MS
July 20MCA Team State Championship (ALL AGES) -- Flowood, MS

July 22-25:  Dogmud Chess Camp -- Ridgeland, MS

July 22-26:  FULL Tennis / Pickleball / Chess CAMP  or  CHESS ONLY -- Ridgeland, MS 

July 25:  Dogmud Thursday Chess Tournament (ALL AGES) -- Ridgeland, MS

Sept 14:  Women's / Girls' State Championship (ALL AGES) -- Canton, MS

Oct 12:  Kemper County Chess Tournament (ALL AGES) -- DeKalb, MS

Oct 19-20:  MCA State Chess Championship (ALL AGES) -- Ridgeland, MS

Nov 9:  Roosevelt Chess Classic (ALL AGES) -- Morton, MS

Jan 18-19 2025 (tentative date):  MCA Scholastic Individual State Chess Championship (SCHOLASTIC ONLY) -- Ridgeland, MS

February 15, 2025 (tentative date):  MCA Scholastic Girls' State Chess Championship (SCHOLASTIC ONLY) -- Flowood, MS

March 8, 2025 (tentative date):  MSCA Scholastic Individual and Team Championship Cup (SCHOLASTIC ONLY) -- Starkville, MS

March 8, 2025, (tentative date):  MSCA Adult Quads at Mississippi State University -- Starkville, MS

March 29, 2025 (tentative date):  MCA Scholastic Team State Chess Championship (SCHOLASTIC ONLY) -- Ridgeland, MS

April 12, 2025:  Bienville Chess Classic (ALL AGES) -- Morton, MS

November 6:  See closed events


  TBD (May) - DeSoto Scholastic Chess Tournament at Horn Lake Intermediate in Horn Lake, MS 

  TBD (July) - Summer Scholastic Free Chess Tournament at the YMCA in Olive Branch, MS

  TBD (Nov) - Sacred Heart Scholastic Chess Tournament at Sacred Heart School in Southaven, MS

  TBD (Dec) - Water Valley Winter Scholastic Chess Tournament at Davidson Elem in Water Valley, MS 

  TBD (Jan) - Madison's Cosmic Scholastic Chess Tournament at Madison Middle School in Madison, MS

  TBD (Jan) - Annual Pawns & Pajamas Scholastic Chess Tournament at Overpark Elem in Olive Branch, MS

  TBD (Feb) - OBIS Valentine's Scholastic Chess Tournament at Olive Branch Intermediate in Olive Branch, MS



Closed Event Schedule   - 2023 / 24 -

Jan 26, 2024 - Madison Co Schools (MCS Students, Invitation Only) 

Apr 19, 2024 - Pass Christian Schools (PCS Students, Invitation Only)

Nov 6, 2024 - MS Association of Independent Schools (MAIS Students, Invitation Only)


TBD (Apr) - Hancock Co Schools (HCS Students, Invitation Only)

TBD (Apr) - Jackson Public Schools Gifted (JPS Students, Invitation Only)