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ticket_small.jpgdepositphotos_1045324-stock-photo-mail-envelope-icon-button.jpgwalk.png Jan 20, 2018 - MSMS Scholastic Chess Tournament in Columbus, MS


depositphotos_1045324-stock-photo-mail-envelope-icon-button.jpg walk.pngFRIDAY, Jan 26, 2018 - 6th Pawns & Pajamas Scholastic Chess Tournament in Olive Branch, MS


 ticket_small.jpgdepositphotos_1045324-stock-photo-mail-envelope-icon-button.jpgwalk.pngFeb 3, 2018 - Ole Miss Scholastic Chess Tournaments at the University of MS in Oxford, MS


depositphotos_1045324-stock-photo-mail-envelope-icon-button.jpgwalk.pngFeb 9, 2018 (FRIDAY) - Valentine's Scholastic Chess Tournament at OB Intermediate in Olive Branch, MS


walk.png - Walk In Registration Available on the Day of the Event

depositphotos_1045324-stock-photo-mail-envelope-icon-button.jpg - Mail In Registration Available